Culture family task


family task

1. How does you family celebrate birthdays? Christmas?

When it is are birthdays we have a bbq and we have family round. At Christmas we go to the beach and swim and take the bbq and have fun.

2. Are there any special days you celebrate as a family?

We celebrate mother earth/Gaia.

3. Why is it important to respect and remember our culture through art, stories, songs and dance?

So we don't forget who we are and where we came from it just means so much to each person.

4. What would it be like if we were all the same?

It would be boring and you wold not know who you are.

5. What are the different ways people can tell the stories of their culture?

Siting at a camp fire talking about where we came from and what our last names means eg are family name fletcher which means arrow featherer so we learn about archery the sword and nation building.

6. How does your family share your culture and beliefs?

We share culture with all others and our beliefs as living as one with mother earth.

7. Now after all this research and discuss finish the sentence: the word culture means. . . . . . . to me.

I think it means where you are from and who you are.