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Description Of An Actor:

To the audience acting seems like glamorous work, but it is a profession that requires unusual talent and years of training and study, offers a minimum of security, and is physically and intellectually demanding.

Duties For An Actor

After securing a role, the actor studies the script to learn about the character and memorize the speaking parts. Sometimes scripts change during rehearsals, and actors may find themselves memorizing new lines. Some parts may require actors to sing, dance or perform stunts.


Many actors enhance their skills through formal dramatic education. Many who specialize in theater have bachelor’s degrees, although a degree is not required.

Actors who do not have a college degree may take acting or film classes to learn their craft. Community colleges, acting conservatories, and private film schools typically offer these classes. Many theater companies also have education programs. A bachelor’s degree in theater is becoming more common among stage actors.


It takes many years of practice to develop the skills needed to be successful as an actor, and actors never truly finish training. They work to improve their acting skills throughout their career. Many actors continue to train through workshops or mentoring by a drama coach.

Salary & Benefits

  • In New York the median Actor/Performer salary is $52,834 with a range usually between $43,539-$64,508
  • An actor`s life is full of ups downs, but it is much better than many other people`s lives. Being an actor gives you some advantages that only a few people have and this is the main reason a lot of young desire to be actors

Aptitudes and Value Required

As an actor, you're a salesperson, and the product that you're selling is you. In order to sell yourself to the people in position to pay for your product (you as an actor), you need a head shot (so people know what you look like), a resume (so people know what experience and skills you have), and the necessary talent to wow a casting director when you audition for a role.
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