New species discovered in Pandora!

Very similar to prehistoric fossils.

When Was It Discovered?

The stingbat was just recently discovered in March of 2015 by researcher and renowned scientist, Garold S. Baxter. Baxter has conducted intense and prosperous research in Pandora over the last three years. This is the first species of animal that most commonly resembles the mammal family of Chiroptera.

How Was It Discovered?

Baxter had been studying animals living in the highest level of trees in Guanto, Pandora, when he first saw the stingbat. The stingbat was discovered in tree canopies, where they are most protected from predators. The animals are a mostly independent species, but can be known to work in groups to obtain food from larger species of animals.


Unlike most all animals on Pandora, the stingbat is very similar to Earth's common day bat. The animal has a tail with a stinger resembling that of a scorpion. Their vision is of extreme quality, which helps them for food resources in the dark. Although they possess many hunting skills, their survival is limited based on the small size of their brain. The stingbat is a bipedal animal, meaning it only has four legs. It's wings and legs are used for flying and catching prey. Their respiratory system is strongly driven by the spiracles located on each side of it's long neck.


Stingbats are a heterotrophic species; more specifically, they are omnivores. They're known to eat rodent-sized creatures, lizards, fruit, and centipede nectar. Centipede nectar is poisonous, but the stingbat has adapted to be immune to the poison over time.

Article By: Ashton Pearson