Bennett Geraths

Typing Web

1. Typing Web greatly increased my typing speed.

2. Also, I ended up better at spelling.

3. Finally, it included interactive typing games that helped us learn typing in a fun way.


1. It improved my camera skills, along with special effect skills.

2. iTrailer helped me be wiser on what to put in videos.

3. I figured out how to find things I need.

Career Locker

1. Career Locker helped me find out more about my dream job.

2. I was able to find a job or two, to add to my favorite jobs.

3. The average salary per years of college was taught.

Haiku Deck

1. With Haiku Deck, I learned how to make things short and to the point.

2. Because of me learning how to use Haiku Deck, I was able to use it in another class.

3. I learned features in Haiku Deck that helped me use other things in other applications.

Explain Everything

1. I could use Explain Everything in other classes.

2. It helped me with fluent speaking.

3. Explain Everything helped me gain knowledge of how to find special features on other apps.

Hour of Code

1. I learned how to code Flappy Bird.

2. The Hour of Code helped me with writing Java code.

3. Certain games, like Code Combat, added to my knowledge of logic.

Email Etiquette

1. I already knew how to correctly end an email.

2. Also, I knew how to state who you are correctly.

3. Finally, I had lots of prior knowledge on how to start an email