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Rental Baby Equipment Offers A Safe, Convenient Solution to Parents Visiting San Francisco

(Los Angeles, California) March 12, 2014 – Safety-focused parents traveling to San Francisco with a baby or young child now have an option that balances safety and convenience: Traveling Baby Company’s car seat San Francisco is a service that allows visiting parents to rent clean, safe, and brand-named car seats while visiting the Bay Area with their children.

Many parents naturally worry about the safety of their young children while traveling domestically. The car seat San Francisco service addresses this concern by offering parents the option to rent a car seat while enjoying San Francisco’s many child-friendly tourist attractions.

The service also addresses parents’ concerns around luggage-weight and convenience while traveling. By using a rental baby equipment service, parents no longer have to travel with bulky equipment or worry about their child’s car seat being damaged or lost in transit. They can also rest easy that all of Traveling Baby’s car seats are thoroughly cleaned and checked for safety prior to being rented, meaning parents don’t have to worry about quality when renting a car seat in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a popular tourist destination for American tourists, hosting a total of approximately 16.5 million visitors in 2012. A rental baby equipment service, such as that offered by Traveling Baby, offers a convenient, safe, and sensible solution to parents who wish to visit and enjoy the Bay Area with their babies and young children.

In addition to renting car seats to parents vacationing in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Traveling Baby offers families the option of renting a variety of other baby equipment and baby furniture pieces. This is to address the unfortunate fact that hotel cribs and other baby furniture are often available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and availability is not guaranteed at many hotels. Renting a crib, stroller, high chair, or other piece of necessary baby equipment is one way for parents to guarantee they have the necessary tools to keep their baby safe and happy while on vacation.

Parents wishing to take advantage of Traveling Baby’s car seat San Francisco or other baby equipment rental services can do so by using the company’s 24/7 reservation system. Once a reservation has been made, Traveling Baby’s team of technicians will ensure the reserved equipment is delivered to customers making the process as hassle-free and convenient as possible for parents.

About Traveling Baby:

Traveling Baby is the premiere rental baby equipment company in the United States, delivering parents and family members traveling with children the peace of mind associated with safe, clean, and high quality baby furniture and equipment for their children. With rental services available at major centers across the United States, Traveling Baby has made vacation time safer and less stressful for thousands of American families. A family-owned company with more than a decade of experience making vacations safer and more fun for parents and their small children, Traveling Baby takes pride in the role we play in the lives of families from across the United States.

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