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How it all began

As a teacher, I want to model my own voracious reading habits for students. Every week, I put up the cover of a book I've just read and emojis that relate to it. My original hope was to inspire students to ask about the books I showcased and entice students to borrow them. That's worked out amazingly well, but students also surprised me: they started writing. Now I hang up a student book review (complete with cover image, author photo, and related emojis) every week. Students have also begun writing their own original stories. I had to hang those up, too. Seeing their own work posted makes students feel excited and proud. Seeing other students' work inspires them: they want to write a story or review for the wall as well.

Eileen (3rd Grade)

Zeta: The Space Girl
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2016 - 2017 Book Reviews


Danny the Champion of the World Book Review

The main characters are Danny, Dad, and Mr. Hazell. The problem was that Danny’s Secret was gone And Mr. Hazell wants to claim what’s his. I love this book because I love to read it. My favorite part was when they were in the woods. My least favorite part was when I read, “cars and kites and fire balloons.” Yes, I would recommend this book to other people!

Ernesa & Madison

Natalie's House Special

An Original Work By Authors Ernesa & Madison

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