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March 18, 2022

TONIGHT - Classic Skate Night

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Intent To Return

It is time to fill out the intent to return forms for the 2022/23 school year.

Solving Procrastination Problems

Kids with ADHD have a very short “time horizon” — that is, they don’t look far into the future. And the shorter your time horizon, the harder it is to plan ahead and set up long-term goals. If your child has a big project due on Friday, but insists, “Don’t worry — I don’t need to start until Thursday,” that’s a red flag. But starting on Monday will never work because that doesn’t sync up with her time horizon. So start small by asking, “How about you start on Wednesday instead?” and set up structures to help make that happen. Ask her what would help the most — guidance with the first step, a friendly reminder, and/or time carved out on the family calendar — to start that assignment on time.

Talking Openly

Verbalizing your child’s experiences and empathizing with his struggles goes a long way toward helping him manage procrastination. If your child is delaying homework time more than usual, try saying, “I can tell getting started is hard for you today. What can I do to help?” Instead of blaming and shaming — “You’re still on the first problem?! But you have violin practice in 20 minutes!” — this approach shows you understand that his brain is facing ADHD barriers. By identifying his feelings and brainstorming ways to help, he’ll be better equipped to set up his own systems.

By Ann Dolin, M.Ed.