Friday Flash

News for the ELL Team - October 16, 2015


I hope you're having a great October and gearing up for Parent Conferences! Remember to have parents fill out Parent Communication survey that Rachel created for us.

  • We had a wonderful meeting with ELL Instructional Site Principals yesterday. They each received a copy of the newly printed ELL Program Manual! They have also been invited to the Canvas ELL page. We're still working on getting this resource out to all district staff. We got a lot of very useful feedback that will serve us well district-wide.

  • We also had the opportunity to give Dr. Dawson, Chief Learning Officer, and Phyllis Wolfram, Executive Director of Special Programs (my new boss), a "Tour of the ELL Program". We had very limited time and I wanted to get to all three grade levels so we visited Central, Hickory Hills Middle, and Hickory Hills Elementary. I wish we could have gotten around to ALL of you. Dr. Dawson and Phyllis sang the praises of our staff and mentioned more than once how dynamic and committed you are. There were some issues brought up about technology and district procedures and I believe they will be taken care of as a result of hearing directly from ELL professionals and seeing students at work. There is a photo of Phyllis below.

Here is a riddle for your social studies students:

Q.Where did Napoleon hide his armies?

A.In his sleevies.

Have a great weekend!



ACCESS 2.0 Training

  1. Please plan to attend the ACCESS 2.0 training on Friday,10/23 from 9am to 12pm at Doling. The QIA office will be leading it. Bring your laptops. If you need a sub, request one through Kelly Services and send me the ELL sub request form. Choose PD Title 3 for absence reason. I will communicate this schedule with your principals.
  2. You do not yet have an ACCESS log-in to begin reviewing modules or taking tests. These will be given at the training.
  3. We are in the pre-code label window right now. You should have a spreadsheet from me showing the ACCESS scores for last year. W-APT scores for new students are on eSchool. However, ACCESS scores with Tiers are not yet complete or correct in eSchool for all of you. IT is swamped and we are on a long list of To-Dos. I will send out the form for ordering tests AFTER the training next Friday.