Week of May 16th

The 214


By Catherine, Selena, and Liz


City-States: A Brief Explanation

Each sixth grader has been assigned a city state according to their unique personality and talents. City states include of Troy, Corinth, Sparta, Argos, and Athens. Each city state carries a color, and their own unique abilities.

Trojans are the adventurers. They seek adventure, and are creative thinkers. They think independently most of the time, and they don’t follow the crowd. Troy is located far away from all the other city states.

Corinthians likes to create trends and have fun. Whatever they do, everyone else copies. They love to joke around.

Sparta is a tough city state. Spartans start training when they’re young. Spartans are very competitive, and likes to take on a challenge.

Argos are known for their musicians, art, and other talented abilities. People in Argos like to be in front of people; in the spotlight.

Athenians are the smart ones, and prefer to be doing work. Athenians are neat and tidy, as well as going for a challenge. Athenians love to get good grades and scores on tests.


Quick News

Many parents might remember having their children come home one week with a poster, and coloring it far into the night, or maybe they were beginning with the end in mind and didn’t stay up long. Those water conservation posters were for a contest. Winners would be put into a calendar, and meet the mayor.

Exciting news is, Selena, one of our 214 authors, is one of the winners, and will also be meeting the mayor.

Thank you for reading this week’s 214!

This Week's Learning Targets


Parents of Enthusiastic Mathematicians,

Students are "X"cited about algebra! We're looking forward to late May and are eaher to use our "Hands on Algebra" program. This program allows each student, with manipulative visuals as a tool, to delve into even the most challenging algebraic equations.

With so many little pieces, and with students moving at their own pace during this program, parent volunteers are vital. The more parents present during the lesson, the less chance there will be for disappearing pieces and the better support the students will receive while exploring the wonderful world of Algebra. As students practice algebra, you will be circulating the room to correct their answers using the answer key (no experience needed!).

Up for the challenge? Please see the flyer that went home today for dates and times that we will be needing volunteers.

Thank you!

6th Grade Promotion

6th Grade Promotion will take place on Friday, June 10th at 9:00a.m. 6th grade students will be dismissed with their parents.

Other Important Dates to Remember

  • Friday, May 20th: 6th grade Photo
  • Friday, May 27th @ 1:15p.m: Field Day
  • Monday, May 30th: Memorial Day, no school
  • Thursday, June 2nd: Author Assembly
  • Monday, June 6: San Diego Zoo Field Trip