POHW Before & After Poster

By: Sebastian Rodriguez

1.) Hollis' Outlook On Life.

Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from foster homes in the beginning, but now Hollis is part of the Regans Family.

Pg. 166 "You Brought Us Luck," she says. So There Are Five Of Us Now. A Family.

2.) Hollis' Trust For People.

She trusts Josie because Josie likes her and she likes Josie back. She treats her better than the other recent owners.

Pg. 10 "Henry And I Will Treat You Like Our Best Company If You Stay."

3.) Hollis' Hope For Family.

Hollis didn't have a family at first because she was abandoned in the middle of the woods. But When The Regans decided to let Hollis be in their family, Hollis greatly said yes.

Pg.166 "Now There is Five Of Us. A Family."

4.) Hollis' Hatred For People.

Owners Hollis has recently been with have been giving her a bad time. They called her a Mountain Of Trouble. They took her to school and called the stucco woman if anything went wrong or if they didn't want Hollis anymore that's why she ran away.

Pg.39 "A Mountain Of Trouble Myself?"

5.) Hollis' Love For The Regans.

Hollis has been having flashbacks of her and the Regans. She Loved The Regans, but when she went up the mountain she said: "It's All My Fault."

Pg.136 "It Was My Fault, All Of It."

6.) Hollis' Sad Life.

Hollis has been running from foster homes because the owners have been calling her a mountain of trouble.

Pg. 39 "A Mountain Of Trouble Myself?"

7.) Guilt

Hollis felt guilty for injuring Steven. His Ribs were broken. That's when she decided to run away. She thought that she was causing bad luck in this family so she ran leaving a note.

Pg.136 "It Was My Fault, All Of It."