Breaking News in Woodbury!!

Two more attacks of humans turning canibal!

Be aware to stay alive

Last Tuesday march 12th, 2013 a man by the name of Earl Henry was shot 15 times by police after he had viciously attacked a woman and child. The number of shot were all useless except one. Lt. Dan Mak delivered the fatal shot into Mr Henry's head leaving him on the pavement in order to deliver aid to the woman and child whose names have not yet been released. Mr Henry is sought to be a victim himself of a strange disease that causes an erg for raw meat in such an "amamlistac" instinct, the people who are infected by this virus are said to be walking dead. Officials are warning the public that these "Zombies" are extremely contagious, and very dangerous. At this time no information has be given whether the virus is airborne, but so far cases have shown physical damage on victims to be the vessel through, blood, open cuts and bodily fluids. Almost similar to the H.I.V virus.