Education in Austraialia

By: Philip, Jes, Sawyer, Thomas


What if you were able to have 2 weeks off every semester? What if you went to school until you were 16? Well these are things that occur in Australia daily. Australia has a life like this. But don't doubt it's education! It has very high standards and you have to do your best to go places. Australia is in the top schools and so are we but their are great differences between the two.

Life of the Students

In Australia they have a wide variety of after school sports, after working activities; such as any type of sport(football, cricket, soccer, almost the same things that we do in the USA), going to the theater, go to the beach, relax, ect. Most people would agree that having free time to relax, to enjoy the company of friends and family, and to pursue interests beyond their work, family or household commitments (e.g. hobbies, entertainment, sport) is important to their personal wellbeing. However, individual perceptions about what constitutes free time and how it is spent may differ widely. In the U.S. There isn't really a lot to do because of all technology that has transformed and the children hardly even play outside. "In Austrailia they usually go play sports, one day carnivals, parks."(Alex J). So overall by research the U.S. has less people that do fun things then Austraialia do in free time.

Literacy Rates

Next, more than 99 percent of Australia's adults can read and write. However, literacy rates are much lower among some immigrants and minority groups(Australlian Government). Australian children are required to attend school between the ages of 6 and 15 or 16. The literacy rates of Australia compared to the U.S.A are low for children.


Second, in Australia, the cost to go to school can range from 7,800 to 30,000 dollars, there are private, public, and home schooling available. When it comes to the academics for college, there are the “fields of study.” There are hundreds of types of Scholarships available for all types of schools in Australia. "Australian schools do more than just educate students. They prepare them for life − developing communication skills, self-discipline and respect for themselves, their peers and their world." (Schools in Austrailia) Here are a few of the fields of study.

Atmospheric sciences

Biological processes

Chemical reactions

Geological composition and structures

Laboratory methodology

Mathematical and statistical techniques

Observation and measurement

Scientific method

Subatomic particles and quantum mechanics

Thermodynamics and entropy


So in conclusion, Australia has a system of education advanced compared the U.S. Australia may not have a lot of school days but they students are pushed to do their best. They get many projects and essays besides the typical homework that U.S. students receive. So, will the U.S ever make the change? The future is untold.