Welcome to Pre-K

Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Misty

Look what we have to offer...

We strive to give each student the best foundation in the areas of motor, cognitive, mathematics, literacy and social and emotional development. We follow Creative Curriculum 5th Ed. and NC Early Learning Standards to guide our decisions for planning and growth concerning each child.

Each day is filled with large group and small group learning, outdoor play, exploratory play with sand and water, and we offer the children an environment set up for their interests and best practices. We allow children opportunities to become independent by making their own choices and decisions in the context of what is age appropriate.

A Day at School

What we do...

We are a 5 Star center that provides educational services to 4 year-old children and their families by preparing to enter kindergarten. We offer a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the needs of all 21st century learners. Our atmosphere is very nurturing and loving while giving them positive school experiences in ways that build their capacities for learning now and school success in the future.

We provide children 21st learning experiences. We offer activities that require them to think, problem-solve and become ready for that later transition into kindergarten. Here are some of the activities that take place in our classroom daily.

· We inspire children to be their best through conversation and positive interactions.

· We encouraged children to use their critical thinking skills by solving problems on their own.

· We provide opportunities for each child to communicate through oral and written avenues.

· We offer children choices and challenges so they can grow and develop at their own pace.

Success Story

This program has so many great qualities. I hardly know where to begin. Let me first start with the great teachers that my children have grown to love Mrs. Christy and Mrs. Misty. They are two of the most caring teachers I have come in contact with here at CB Eller Elementary. I have had the benefit and pleasure of having three of my children enrolled in the pre-k program over the years. My daughter is currently enrolled and has shown so much growth in her language, reading and social skills. This program provides the interaction with other children that are needed before they move up to kindergarten. This is the first real school experience most children have. With the comfort that you receive from the teachers it allows you to have the peace of mind about leaving your child. This program allows these children to learn so many things; It goes far beyond learning to share or ABC's. While they do learn these things and many more, they are also learning how to behave in a school environment and building friendships that they may have throughout life. >Proud Pre K Parent 2014