The Bulldog Growl

Week of April 22nd

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"Reach Every Student Every Day"

Upcoming Dates

  • May 2nd - Miss Thompson's last day
  • May 17th - Field Day

Book Tasting

On Monday, the whole 5th grade class took part in a "Book Tasting" activity. During this activity, students sat at a table that held clues that tie in with our next novel, Miss Spitfire. The students had to make guesses or"infer" as we call it in Reading, as to how the specific items tied in with the novel. They had fun with it and enjoyed some yummy cake as well!

Braille Activity

To tie in with our novel, Miss Spitfire, we wrote our names in Braille using puff paint. This was a fun activity and opened a lot of discussion about the ability to see and how vision-impaired people use Braille. We read an article about Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille.

Science Assembly

On Thursday, the third through sixth grade attended an assembly on energy sponsored by the Science Museum of Minnesota. The focus of the assembly was to learn more about where energy comes from and ways we can conserve energy in our homes. The students were all given an LED light bulb to take home!