Handy Helpers

To assist your hands with their everyday needs

We can fix your hands' problems!

Do you get polish on your fingers while painting your nails? We have fixed this common problem with the Polish Perfecter. A fabric device covers your fingers and has a small opening to allow only the nail to show. It keeps the polish off your fingers and on your nails, therefore making your polish look its best.

Do you get ink on your pinky when writing? Mostly lefties have to deal with the everyday issue of getting ink on your pinky, but some righties do too. With the Smudge Buddy, the pinky side of your hand is covered in a slick fabric that wraps around your wrist and pinky tip. The Smudge Buddy eliminates the annoying ink smudges on your hand and keeps the skin clean.

our awesome products:

Fabulous Prices

Polish Perfecter- $13.99

Smudge Buddy- $16.99

Special Offer! Get both for just $25!

Both products come in lots of fun colors!

pink, purple, black, turquoise, lime green, yellow, red, signature Handy Helpers orange, and coming soon... skin colors!

Founded by Alannah Iacovano

An 8th grade student at Orange Avenue School, Alannah invented this company and its unique products for a project in her Pathways to Excellence class. Just joining this year, Alannah was ready for a challenging project. This year's theme was Inventions, Innovations, and Inquiry, and the students were given the task of inventing a new product, advertising it, and presenting it to others.

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