Kindergarten Math

1+1=Kindergarten Success

Curriculum: Origo Stepping Stones

Math Block:

Fluency-recognizing numbers, recognizing groups of objects (subatizing), writing numbers

Problem Solving-story problem

Stepping Stones lesson

Kindergarten Math Goals

*Recognize 3-D shapes-cylinder ,cone ,spheres , cube. K.6

*Identify and describe 2-D shapes-circle, triangle ,rectangle, square. K.6

*Count forward and backward to 20 starting at any number. K.2

*Identify numerals 0-20. K.2

*Write numerals 0-20. K.2

*Count objects 1 to 1 up to at least 20 (32). K.2

*Count to 100 by 1’s and 10's. K.5

*Addition and Subtraction within 10-develop an understanding, model the action of joining and separating. K.3

*Identify coins by name-pennies ,nickels ,dimes ,and quarters. K.4

*Understand length ,capacity ,weight. K.7

*Picture graph-sort data, draw conclusion from picture graphs. K.8

*Financial Literacy- ways to earn income, simple skills for jobs, distinguish between wants and needs. K.9


End of Module-based on the skills learned during that module

Hiding Assessment(use up to 10 objects)-on each progress report

District Assessments-Beginning of the year, Middle of the year, End of year

Parent letters

At the beginning of each Module, we will send home a parent letter on the math concepts we are learning.

How can parents help at home?

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