The Salem Witch Trials

By: Your Mexican Jeffrey Belteton

What you may be asking!

WHAT! WHO!!!?: Young women were the first accusers and later on men were getting accused from others of doing witch-craft.

OMG WHEN?: This all happened in 1692 and 1693, that must have been a crazy year. Until a bunch of people decided

HMMM WHERE!?: The Salem Witch Trials happened well in Salem, Massachusetts.

WAIT WHAT!?: Yup, the Salem Witch Trials happened because the people that lived there (the puritans) followed the bible and everything that it had to say. So then witch-craft started and people were so anxious and started blaming each other of being a witch and so throughout the Salem Witch Trials around 200 people were accused of being witches.

GO ON HOW!?: They will put the accused in trial and do ten tests to prove if they were really witches. If they were able to prove that they were a witch then they will execute them by hanging them and some just being put in prison, one guy even got killed by being squashed.

As I stated before there are ten tests that they did to prove you were a witch:

1)Witch Cake

2)Spectral Evidence

3)Eye Witnesses Testimonial

4)Witch's Teat


6)Lord's Prayer Test

7)Touch Test

8)Forced Concussion By Dunking

9) Pressing

10)Bound Submersion

The Lord's Prayer was used to test the people and if you messed up the prayer then you were accused and was a witch!

The economy was to blame because of the fungus in the environment that caused the people to go weird and crazy.

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