Chapel Crafts

Get Crafty with Chapel Crafts! Workshops and demonstrations

Join in the fun at Chapel Crafts

Chapel Crafts invites you to join in with our weekend of arts and craft workshops and demonstrations! 20th and 21st of July.
Interested in taking part, displaying your crafts or holding a demonstration call Pammy on 01686640722 for more info.

Have Fun at Chapel Crafts

Starting at 10am Sat and Sun we will be holding crafting and painting workshops and demonstrations by local artists, who look forward to sharing their talents with you.

Pull up a chair and get crafty with Chapel Crafts!

Chapel Crafts Open Weekend

Saturday, July 20th, 10am-4am

Chapel Crafts, Berriew, Mid Wales.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook, visit our website Chapel Crafts or call Pammy on 01686640722