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April Newsletter for Dakota Meadows Middle School

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Last Dance of the Year!

Please make sure you read over the Dance Expectations with your child.

Laws of Life Essay Winners

The Laws of Life Essay contest invites young people (middle and senior high school students) to express in writing their personal ideals and the law of life they value the most. All students in the Mankato area are eligible to participate in this essay contest. The top 30 essays are chosen at middle and senior high school level.

The following students were part of the top 15 essays for the Middle School Division of the Laws of Life Essay Contest at Dakota Meadows Middle School:

Asma Ahmed

Kirsten Kleinschmidt

Samuel Gersich

Sasha Jakovich

Paige Larson

Calvin O'connor

Olivia Thomas

Congratulations to these students on earning this accomplishment. A reception to honor the essayists was held on Sunday, April 28th.

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New Artwork in the Media Center

The 8th Grade Unity Ribbon Drawing is a collaborative project designed to showcase each individual's artistry while creating a larger art in public space piece, that speaks to the connection between all individuals.

Initially, students gathered in one long line and worked together to line up and ribbons and some of the secondary lines. Next, they worked on their panels shading secondary lines and filling in the background. Finally, entire classes joined together again for coloring of the main ribbon.

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End of Year Chromebook Collection

All student chromebooks will need to be turned in at the end of the school year. Your child is expected to turn in his/her chromebook, charging cord, and bag. Please make sure any stickers your child may have put on the device are removed as you will be charged if they remain. If your child's chromebook has been lost or stolen, please urge him/her to let the media center staff know right away so we can begin an investigation. If your child's chromebook is currently damaged, please urge him/her to bring it to the media center to be repaired prior to device turn in. We would like all chromebooks in good working condition when they are turned in.
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Sixth Grade Regional Science Fair Participants

On Saturday, April 27th, 35 sixth graders attended the Regional Science Fair at Minnesota State University - Mankato. Each project was judged by at least two judges and received a ribbon based on the number of total points earned. DMMS students receieved 20 purple ribbons, 13 blue ribbons and 2 red ribbons. In addition some students received a medal if they placed in their category and age group.

Gold medal winners were: Allison Nelson and Josh Vanderplas

Silver medal winners were: Arlo Chapman and Ryan Palmer

Bronze medal winners were: Maya Stilson, Eleanor Krediet, Olivia Hammond, and Carter James.

Congratulations to all of these students for their hard work! In addition we had two other science fair winners...

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West High School Counselors Visit AVID Classes

Dakota Meadows AVID classes were recently visited by West counselors who shared many college and career readiness tips such as the various college admission systems, how community service and involvement can help with even an average GPA and the difference between state, private and national colleges.

8th Grade Earth Science Class

Much like geologists determining the sequence of geological events, students in Mrs. Miller’s science class had to use clues like cross-cutting relationships to put the events in order on the geo-block.

Builder's Club Book Drive Success

The DMMS Builder's Club held a book drive at DMMS during the month of April. Builder's Club is in an organization that works to build up our community. Students were asked to bring in their gently used books and the trail that brought the most books received a freezie party during homeroom. Mendota Trail was the winning trail! Over 100 books were collected and will be donated to community organizations and Dakota Meadows teachers. Great work Builder's Club.

AVID Student Visit 5C's Preschool

8th Grade Career Day

Dakota Meadows students visited local businesses as part of Career Day.

After taking a career interest survey, the students were broken up into groups based on their interests.

They visited three different workplaces and were given tours. To learn more visit:…/students-explore-job-opportunities-o…

Mark Your Calendars

May 3 - PBIS All-School Celebration
May 3 - Last School Dance, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, $5 entrance fee
May 6 - Kasota Trail - Minnesota State Capitol Building Field Trip
May 13 - Mahkato Trail - Minnesota State Capitol Building Field Trip
May 13 - 5th Grade Tours DMMS
May 14 - Pops Choir Concert (6, 7 & 8) 7:00 pm
May 15 - 7th grade career Readiness @ MSU
May 16 - 6th Grade Field Day
May 21 - DMMS Spring Concerts (6, 7, 8 Orchestra and Band) - 6 pm / 8 pm

May 27 - No School

Parking Lot Reminders

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please adhere to the following expectations to support safety:

  • Please be considerate of other drivers and the safety of their children.

  • Buses drop off students in the east lot near the gym (door #8) and pick up from the west lot (door #20) after school.

  • Parents drop off and pick up students in the east parking lot (door #8) near the gym before and after school. Please remain in a single file drop-off/pick-up lane. It is very dangerous when students cross moving lanes of traffic.

  • Use ALL of the sidewalk for dropping off and picking up. This includes from under the basketball hoops around the building to Howard Drive. Pull up as far as possible and students can walk to the door. This will allow more students to be dropped off at a time and the lines to move faster.

  • Main office entrance (Door #1) is NOT a designated drop-off or pick-up area before or after school. Our buses and special circumstances must have access to this area. ONLYvehicles with parking permits may use this area for drop off and/or pick up. Please respect this request!

  • Student pick-up for an appointment during the school day is located at the main office entrance (door #1).

  • Bikes must be locked upon arrival to the bike rack near the southwest corner of DMMS.

  • Students walking to school enter through the doors located on the east/gym (door #8) side of the school.

  • Activity buses pick up students for athletic practices near door #20, closest to the pond.

  • Students will remain outside until 8:05 a.m. for fresh air and movement.

  • Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria.

Please see the included map diagram for additional information.

Thank you for following these expectations and assuring a safe arrival/departure!

Dakota Meadows Middle School

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