Can we make a potato chip with less calories?


The classic potato chip is famous for its high number of calories but also for its loved flavor, however, I want to discover if there is another way to make a potato chip with the same good flavor but with a less number of calories.


The potato chip has a very liked flavor because of it’s made by too much oil, which always increases the flavor of the food besides it makes the food more caloric. However, I think you can also increase the flavor of the food by dehydrating it, because if you remove the water of a food, it gets more flavor without being oily, so that it has less calories



To calculate how many calories had each potato, I've used the following formula:

Calorific energy = Ce · increase Tª · m water

I know the Ce of the water is 1.

Calorific energy potato chip: increase water · m water: 5'39·100: 539

Calorific energy dehydrated potato: increase water . m water: 3'37.100: 337


I think this experiment shows my hypothesis was right, you can obtain a potato chip with less calories, if you deydrate it, besides keeping the flavor.


- Potato chip

- Normal potato

- Bascule

- Glass

- Thermometer

- Match