Company Updates

May 2016

Keeping you informed....

In an effort to keep everyone up to date on all the exciting changes happening at CPI/RSI, I thought I'd put together a quick newsletter to keep you all informed. Please let me know if there's anything you'd like me to include in the future!
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We've been approved for a ZEP test!

Wally and David formerly operated under Industrial Maintenance Solutions and were recognized by Zep in 2014 as their 2nd largest distributor of Zep Professional products. With that history in mind, Zep has decided to work with CPI on a pilot program for us to distribute their primary line instead of just the Zep Professional line. This opens up several opportunities for us, but we do have rules and guidelines to follow in order to respect Zep's terms of agreement and make this a success for both companies. Look for an email from Wally with details on those terms as well as a listing of what Zep products we have in stock. Stay the meantime....let your current customers and prospects know you can get them Zep products!! Feel free to communicate to Wally about specific Zep products you'd like to see in our line.

New logo apparel is in!

The shirts have arrived with our new logo. If you haven't already received will be arriving shortly via mail. Two shirts were provided....if you would like to order more shirts and/or different colors please let Heather know and she can get you pricing on them.

Spring Fling New Account Contest

Steve Winski is leading the race with 12 new accounts. Greg Rothrock is just behind him with 4 new accounts. Keep in mind the contest isn't over until June 30th so don't give up on your opportunity to earn some extra cold hard cash!!

DDI Update

We are working to have our server updated internally so that we can support the new DDI Integrated Software System you learned about at the sales meeting. We are anxious to get this implemented and we will share dates for training as soon as we have them. For now, we are targeting our launch to be June.


Have you seen the news??? The Zika virus poses a real threat and we should be offering DEFENSE insect repellent spray and wipes to all of our customers.

Click here to read the latest on the ZIka virus.

Click here to read about a local case of Legionnaires' disease discovered in an Indiana hospital. Our disinfecting coil cleaners can protect against such breakouts. We are also awaiting our shipment of No Slime Strips that will also defend hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, etc. that have air conditioning systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, and hot tubs.