By Kory and Madeliene

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Over 100,000 wildfire also called woodland or forest fires will burn anything in their path including trees, brush, homes, and even humans.

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Even though wildfires are often destructive and harmful human and occur naturally play and important role in life. trees that get burned down are good because they are full of nutrients that are good soil for the trees still growing.

What are the 2 main issues with your topic?

1)People can get killed because it can spread to peoples houses.

2)It can harm animals homes and can cause them to relocate

discussing negative effects on the environment

Good effects

1)nutrients from old trees are good soil

Bad effects

1)burn down near by houses

2) make animals relocate

What are the main regions or areas in or near North America affected by your issue?

Big thicket

Edwards Plateau

El Paso

What wild life is most affected by your issue?

animals and plants because wildfires burned down their homes is which making them relocate locations so they can start their new homes insteaad of waiting for their old homes area to reproduce again.

How are the wildlife affected by the issue?

It killes theirs homes and might even kill them.

Does this issue affect our lives in league city?If not, could it ever reach our area?

No,because our league city is cover with a little bit of trees and a large amount of building.

Yes,it can reach our area but it will burn down a large amount of buildings.

Are people affected by this?If so, explain how?

Yes, because it ruins their homes.

Who or what causes the issues to occur?

When ever it doesn't rain in a while and there is alot of dead grass the heat can cause the dead grasss to caught on fire.

The other way is when its lightning the lightning can hit a tree and caught the tree on fire then the fire can spread.

What are the solutions that peoplehave come up withfor this issue?If there are not any solutions what are people doing to prevent them?

They have a plane that goes above the fire and releases this fire retardent powder all over it.

Can your group come up with any ideas for a new solutionton this problem,?would your solution be able to be implementednow, if not why?

they can have a have a helicopter look over the area and makes sure there is no wildfires in the area.