Short Story Profile

A comprehensive profile of your original short story.

Short Story Profile - Test Assignment

For your final test grade of the six weeks, you will design a profile of your short story using Your profile should fully explore several aspects of your short story. For more information, keep reading.

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Page Design and Contents

Story title

Place your story title as the title of the page.


The next section is dedicated to the wonderful author - you! I need a short biography on yourself. Include the following:

  • birth date and location
  • childhood information
  • education information
  • when you wrote the story
  • your literary influences and heroes

Spell everything correctly and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Plot summary

Remember that plot diagram we filled out that included an inciting event, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution/conclusion (yes you do - don't lie to yourself)? You are going to summarize your plot using that as your guide. You should include an event from each important point of your story. Make sure to include information on the main characters, the conflict, how the conflict is addressed (the climax), and the resolution. Spell everything correctly and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Character analysis

Analyze your protagonist. Analyze their personality, character traits, the kind of people (or creatures) they surround themselves with, etc. Also, talk about what motivates your character - did something happen to them that makes them act the way they do? Do they harbor a fear that influences their actions?


Now you will explain the setting. Include the following:

  • The time period during which your story takes place.
  • The location of your story.
  • The topography and foliage of the area.
  • How the setting affects the characters actions and motives.

Spell everything correctly and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Point of view

Explain the point of view you used and why you picked that point of view. Spell everything correctly and use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Figurative Language, Imagery, and Sensory Language

Your last section will be dedicated to figurative language, imagery, and sensory language used in your short story. Analyze two parts of your story where your use of figurative language, sensory language, and imagery deeply impacted the telling of the story.

Smore page due date

Friday, April 17th, 10pm

Boyd Middle School

Turn a PDF of your page in to Edmodo.

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How am I grading this, you ask?

Here is the rubric. It's supa long, but supa specific. Look at it to see how I will grade it.
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Can I make more than a 24?

Your total equates to a normal grade. Here are the equivalents:

24 = 100

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19 = 90

18 = 88

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16 = 84

15 = 82

14 = 80

13 = 78

12 = 76

11 = 74

10 = 72

9 = 70

8 = 68

7 = 66

6 = 64