Weekly Newsletter

Friday, October 9

Count Week

Count Week is underway! As a reminder, the state of Michigan is requiring that teachers and students have a 2-way communication at least once a week for the next 4 weeks. This is for reporting purposes. For these communications you may receive DIBELS, NWEA, or OLS progress reports via kmail. When you receive them please make sure you respond by the deadline.

*The first communication was sent out on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, and we will need you to respond no later than Tuesday, October 13 @ 4:00.

Also, make sure your learning coach is logging 6.5 hours of attendance each day and that you are completing the lessons on your daily plan.

Remember to log class connect attendance under the appropriate course. Also, you can log time for PE and practicing your typing or playing an educational game can be logged under technology.


Click on the link below to complete the learning styles survey. You will need your name (use capital letters), age, gender, and grade. This survey will help us know how you best learn!

Writing Update

Students have writing twice a week at 11:00: either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. If you are behind in your writing or if I think you need extra support, you will be invited to an extra support session on Fridays at 11:00. Please make sure you attend so I can help you with your writing.

This week in writing we:

1. Wrote a rough draft of our personal narrative.
2. Added transition words.
3. Added concrete words and phrases and sensory details.

If you ever miss a writing session, please make sure you watch the recording and complete the writing activities you may have missed.

Progress Reminder

Students are expected to complete 2% - 3% in their OLS courses each week. Here are the progress percentages based on your start date:

September 8: 10% - 15%
September 14: 8% - 12%
September 21: 6% - 9%
September 28: 4% - 6%
October 5: 2% - 3%

Learning coaches, you can view your student's progress by clicking on the "progress tab" from your learning coach's account.

Class Connect Attendance Reminders

Live attendance and completing the exit ticket is part of your overall grade for your report card. Please be sure you attend all of your Class Connect sessions every day. If you are ill or know you will be absent ahead of time, please let me know.

Check your plan for small group sessions for reading and math. Below is the schedule for whole group sessions.

Writing: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday at 11:00
Reading: Thursday at 9:00
Math: Thursday at 10:00
History: Friday at 9:00
Science: Friday at 10:00
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