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Real-time Observation Supports Student Success

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Digital eWalkThrough® System

Administrators and leaders in Student Affairs need a data-driven system to ensure...
  • Employees are given immediate feedback, in order to promote growth and sustain continuous improvement.
  • Mentoring and differentiated professional learning are delivered to support excellence in professional practice.
  • Resources target identified student services priorities.

The digital eWalkThrough® system is designed to collect, disaggregate, analyze, and archive data describing the real-time delivery of student services. Delivery of instantaneous feedback to staff supports coaching and collaborative dialogue. Administrators and leaders can use these data to inform a variety of decisions including delivery of differentiated professional learning and allocation of resources.

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As student affairs leaders and administrators, it is invaluable to continually reflect on this critical question: How can the Digital eWalkThrough® System:
  • support student services personnel, and;
  • enhance the quality and delivery of student services?

The answer to this question will provide a clear focus for the Digital eWalkThrough® System. The answer will enhance motivation to conduct student services eWalkThrough observations. The answer will leverage the power of the process and the use of the eWalkThrough data moving forward. Therefore, why should student affairs leaders conduct eWalkThrough® observations?

High Fives!

The number one reason to conduct eWalkThrough® observations is to recognize the delivery of excellent service to students--in action, in real-time. Give staff feedback! Administrators and directors need to high five student affairs staff. Leaders need to reward the excellent delivery of student services. Staff need to be supported and reminded that the primary focus of their efforts is student success, and that a key factor influencing student success is the quality of the services they receive.

Visible Leadership

Administrators and directors provide visible leadership each and every time they are present in the program areas and departments where student services are delivered. The most authentic way to model support for staff is to be present in the areas where student services are being delivered. Observing staff in action confirms sincere interest in their craft. Commitment to excellent service through visible leadership is most effectively accomplished by observing staff as they perform their daily work.

Professional Learning Decisions

Feedback from digital eWalkThrough® observations is immediate. eWalkThrough® data are at the fingertips of administrators and leaders. These data provide the evidence needed to ensure sound decision-making surrounding professional learning plans. Staff can now receive the differentiated support as they move from current practice to ever increasing levels of excellence.


Because eWalkThrough data are available instantaneously, staff can now self-reflect at any moment. What worked? What will I do differently next time? What if...? Self-reflection is truly the foundational element of authentic change in professional practice.

Professional Conversations

In combination with self-reflection, administrators and leaders having conversations with staff is the primary method to maximize the power of eWalkThrough® data. When an observation is completed, digital feedback is delivered automatically to the staff member. Self-reflection ensues for both the observer and the observed. Finally, professional conversations based on objective data are initiated. These conversations can continually be conducted across the year as on-going observations are completed and data accumulates.

Mentoring & Coaching

Efficiency and effectiveness are always at the forefront as leaders plan and implement their work. Leaders now have eWalkThrough® data to coach each individual staff member and can disaggregate these data (by office, service area, or program) as needed. Coaching and mentoring can be refined and differentiated to meet the precise and unique needs of a particular staff member or team.

Continuous Improvement

Bottomline, digital eWalkThrough observations are conducted because the student affairs division is empowered with, and motivated by, a system that generates, analyzes, and archives the data across academic years. As a result, the Digital eWalkThrough® System can effectively support continuous improvement of student services delivery, as well as provide growth data for the accreditation process. The Digital eWalkThrough® System is an efficient process resulting in powerful feedback and data for growth.

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