Guess what? YOU'RE INVITED!

Your invited!

You are one lucky man or woman, because you are invited to a party hosted by the Indian National Congress. Our leader, Mohandas Ghandi, has graciously invited you to this major celebration and we would very much like you to come and celebrate!

Where will it be hosted?

It will of course be hosted near the Ganges river because we will take a little dip before starting this celebration to purify us of any unholy thoughts as we celebrate! If you do not take a dip, well just know those impure thoughts will haunt our happy celebration and probably swallow us whole!


We will be hosting this on December 30th, 1 day after our freedom to celebrate! Hopefully nothing goes wrong on that day...


Why would you not want to come? Well if you have something so important to other than worship the freedom you've just received i mean.... ANYWAY, the reason you should come is quite simple, TO CELEBRATE!!!

What to bring

All you need to bring is yourself, a big blue bird (because we love birds), AND...... Flour,meat,rice,maybe some nice jazz, oh but most importantly you just need to bring yourself as i stated before.... (hint hint)


CALL: 678-668-INDEPENDENCE - (contact by wood cradle desk telephone)

or you can just look at the map that is conveniently located under this arrow.





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