Science Class Infographic

Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's 1st Law

It basically states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless stopped by an unbalanced forces. This to me means that if you were to throw a baseball it would keep on going forever if it wasn't stopped by an outside force in the case of throwing a baseball gravity pulls the ball towards the ground and since the ground has more inertia when the ball hits the ground it is not in motion anymore.

Newton's 2nd Law

Newton's 2nd Law is all about acceleration, an objects acceleration increases with increased force and decreases with increased mass. An object with more mass will have decreased acceleration because since it has more mass it is way harder to accelerate, Unlike an object that has less mass it will accelerate easier.

Newton's 3rd Law

Newton's 3rd Law is all about for every action there is a reaction in the opposite direction. It is all about if you were to drive and hit another car the other car would go in the opposite direction if you hit it with more force that is the reaction.

Newton's Laws of Motion