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Principal's Message

Hello Clifford families,

We have had a fun and eventful week here at Clifford. Today, we toured campus and admired all of the beautiful classroom doors that were decorated to celebrate Black History Month. On Wednesday and Thursday this week we had Robert Price visit us from National Urban Alliance who has been working with our Clifford staff since last year online, but he got to visit us in person and teach interactive lessons with students. Monday was Valentine's Day and the students enjoyed celebrating kindness and friendship in fun ways during the school day. As we enter into President's Week, we hope that you are able to rest and rejuvenate. Our students in 1st-8th grade were sent home with a Covid test today, complimentary from the district. You are invited to test your child on 2/27 or 2/28 before your child returns to school. You can report any positive results on this Google form. Enjoy a fantastic week off!


Looking Ahead...

  • February 18th- Minimum Day- Thursday Schedule
  • February 18th- Door Decorating Contest Winners Announced!
  • February 21st-25st- President's Week No School for Students

  • March 1st at 7pm Disability /Inclusion AwarenessCommittee (link to follow soon)
  • March 8- End of Trimester 2

  • March 14th 8:30-9 Principal Chat |Link|
  • Mar 22- Clifford Vision Screening TK/K, 2nd, 5th, 8th

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Our Dolphin Promise

To teach students, not subjects or textbooks

To make learning joyful

To be proactive rather than reactive

To teach in ways that respond to our students' needs

To meet students where they are

To keep in mind that learning is a process that takes time and commitment

To keep relationships at the core of how we work together

To help each student feel valued, seen, and heard

To create an atmosphere that welcomes every student to belong

To dream big, have perseverance and grit

To challenge all students to learn at high levels

To inspire and motivate students

To include academic challenges so that all students can explore their potential

To love, protect, and care for our community

To be proud of who we are no matter what adversity we face

To be dependable and reliable

To be an upstander

To be Dolphin proud

Dolpin Award Winners TK-5

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TK Winner

  • Ms. Lauren- Emerson Barrera Suriano - Dolphin Empathy

Kindergarten Winners

  • Ms. Mairani: Kayla Jara Padilla- Dolphin Eager
  • Mrs. Wilkerson: Noelle O’Connor Hugon- Dolphin Respect
  • Mrs. Sterger: Cooper Pilek- Dolphin Respect
  • Mr. Goity: Ella Dunning-Dolphin Character

1st Grade Winners

  • Ms. Smith -Charlotte Boehle- Dolphin Dreamer
  • Mrs. Keithley-Teddy Grady - Dolphin Eager
  • Mr. Reilly-Brendan Reilly- Dolphin Respect
  • Mr. Chun Hoon- Mateo Maldonado- Dolphin Respect

2nd Grade Winners

  • Ms. Collins- Naomi Freborg- Dolphin Respect
  • Ms. Fowle- Cristian Baltazar- Dolphin Dreamer
  • Ms. Bewley- Aya Sagabaen- Dolphin Respect

3rd Grade Winners

  • Mrs. Overbey- Otis Norcott- Dolphin Respect
  • Mrs. Costa- Ruby Torres- Dolphin Dreamer

4th Grade Winners

  • Ms. Eaton- Mikayla Fe Stewart- Dolphin Respect
  • Ms. Cody- Frida Avina Vazquez- Dolphin Dreamer

5th Grade Winners

  • Mrs. Zak- Jonah DuMee- Dolphin Character
  • Ms. Curtis- Mayra Rodriguez Couch- Dolphin Dreamer
  • Ms. Davis- Jose Figueroa- Dolphin Respect

Black History Month Door Decoration Contest Pictures & Winners!

Our winners are


1st Place: Mrs. Sterger's Class

2nd Place: Ms. Smith's Class

3rd Place: Ms. Fowle's Class


1st Place (tie): Mrs.Overbey & Mrs. Costa

2nd Place: Mrs. Zak's Class

3rd Place: Ms. Davis's class


1st Place: Mrs. Lennen's Class

2nd Place: Mrs. Tanti's Class

3rd Place: Ms. Gardella's Class

Pictures of our decorated classroom doors! Celebrating Black History Month!

Our Time with NUA on 2/16 & 2/17 A Visit from Mr. Price!

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Helpful Links

Covid Testing

As you may already know, we have a team from BayPLS who is at Clifford on Mondays and Thursdays to provide weekly Covid testing to registered students. Please be aware that we only have this team for a short period of time on each of these days, so in order to get all of our students tested once per week, we break up which grade levels get tested on each of the days. Please note that if you sign up your child to be tested, they will be tested once during the week. The email to sign up for testing should go out on Fridays from the district. Please try to have your child signed up for testing before Monday morning. We work diligently every week to make sure everyone gets tested once, so please be mindful if you sign them up for testing more often than that, they will still be tested one time during the week. Please let Tiffany Parrish ( know if you have any questions.


Jude Noyes-Principal

Tiffany Parrish- Assistant Principal

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