The different generation

Misunderstood Millennial

Although millennial are given a bad name it is not entirely their fault. Millennial just grew up in the world they did not shape it while they were children. Because of this they grew up differently form previous generations. Millennial want to work for managers that who treat them fairly and respectfully to form positive connections. They also feel proud of what they do and its impact on the world. Millennial probably don’t think generation x and baby boomers relate to them. Because they baby boomers are so much older they grew up differently and have different views so they probably bump heads a lot.

The differnece between the generations

Millennial are told to be more arguably, self-entitled, narcissistic, self-promotional, opinionated, etc. Gen x managers get irritated because they are not the following characteristics and do not know how to deal with them. The baby boomers and generation x know how to work hard for what they want not saying the millennial don't. Millennial just need to get used to the world being tougher than it was when they were children.