Audiobooks at the Library

The books you want to hear, right at your fingertips!

Podcast Theme

This podcast will be focusing on audiobooks. In particular, it will focus on public libraries and the various ways that people can access audiobooks through their local public library. It will also focus on specific audiences, such as adults on-the-go, teens, and seniors to show how the library's audiobook offerings can be beneficial to a variety of different people. This podcast highlights both physical audiobooks that can be checked out from the library, as well as the different digital outlets patrons can access through the library to find audiobooks.

Physical Audiobooks and eAudiobooks

This episode focuses on informing patrons of the library's physical audiobook collection, as well as the downloadable eAudiobooks that can be checked out from the library's online catalog. The primary audience is those who spend a lot of time in the car, whether commuting to and from work, taking road trips, or driving the kids around.


Audiobooks And eAudiobooks by KatelynnR


This episode highlights Hoopla, a digital media service that is offered through many public libraries. Hoopla allows easy and quick access to thousands of audiobooks. The primary audience of this episode is busy adults who wish they had the time to read more. Hoopla (especially the Hoopla app) makes it easy to listen to audiobooks while on the go.


Hoopla by KatelynnR

Seniors and Audiobooks

This episode focuses on how seniors can access audiobooks through their library. It primarily focuses on those who cannot physically travel to the library.


Seniors and Audiobooks by KatelynnR

Teens and Audiobooks

This episode focuses on teens and how they can access the titles they want quickly and easily through the library. It focuses on how busy teens can benefit from the library's audiobook offerings and still find time to read for fun despite their busy schedules.


Teens and Audiobooks by KatelynnR