Fremont Middle School!

The best middle school in Illinois!

Fremont Middle School!

Fremont middle school isn't just a school to learn. This school has clubs, trips, and sports! There is a club for almost everything you are into. There is science club, technology club, Fremont friends, art club, and many more! If your into sports, we have that too! Most sports have a time where boys can play and a time when girls can play it. The sports are basketball, volleyball, cheer, poms, and lots more! Fremont is a time to have fun with your friends and to enjoy being young. Enjoy making memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get an electronic device?

A: Yes! 6th and 7th graders get chrome books while 8th graders get Macbook air.

Q: How is the lunch?

A: Lunch has many different options. There are three different lines to get lunch. The variety ranges from salads to ice cream.

Q: Can I join a sport in 6th grade?

A: Yes, Fremont has recently changed the rule and 6th graders can do sports.

Q: Who are the mean teachers?

A: Despite what people say, there are no rude teachers. All of the teachers are nice and fun in there own way. They all want to see you succeed.