Masssachusetts 54th Exhibit

A look at the Massachusetts 54th All African American Unit

Who Were The Massachusetts 54th

They were an all african american regiment. And the first one to be established. And they mostly did work and training for war.

Training of the Massachusetts 54th

Their training was very brutal and was very poor at the start. When they first started marching their shoes were very painful because they didn't have any socks.

Facing Discrimination

They didn't get shoes as fast as other people and didn't get paid as much as other people. And they didn't get to go out and fight.

Their arrival in S.C.

They were greeted by many african americans that were sitting on the street and outside of homes. And they were very welcomed in the town. And they started their work.

Their 1st Assigment

Their first Assignment was to go down into georgia . And start burning down houses and towns while the husbands and all the men were out fighting . And they did this with the contraband soldiers.

Manual Labor

They only did stuff like getting wood. And other supplies to other troops.They were doing mostly manual labor. Mostly just cutting down trees and facing of against other people. And getting supplies to other troops.

Their 1st Battle Assignment

They were in a field. And had a very successful win against confederate troops. And They won against them.

They Attack Fort Wagner

Basically its a suicide mission. Because they just mow the front line down from the fort. And They all mostly died from that attack.

The Attack

They all mostly died. From one of the first to die was shaw he was shot about 4-5 times in the stomach.

The Outcome

They didn't Win but they never gave up . And it was still and important battle because they saw african americans as being brave.