Martin's Musings

February 1, 2016

Amazing Awesomeness

As we visited last week and discussed your Canvas pages, I was struck with just how far we have come in a short time. It was just this time last year we had our first model classrooms, and really didn't jump into Canvas building-wide until this year.

During last week's visits, I was witness to classroom discussions, on-line assignments, teacher and student produced videos, student collaboration, and other amazing awesomeness. Whether you are creating on-line assignments using Speed Grader or embedding a class newsletter, as a system we have demonstrated some positive steps toward making learning Engaging, Relevant, and Personal.

Congratulations on your personal and professional growth in the implementation of all things IGNiTE!


One of the knocks on the TLiM program is the lack of research to support the effectiveness of the program. As an educator I understand why that might be a concern to parents. In order to help us respond to this concern should it ever arise, I will be looking at a variety of resources to determine what skills are shown to help students be successful. Then I will look for a TLiM Habit what will help those skills.

In a article entitled, "5 Key Skills for Academic Success", several skills are listed which can help ensure a child's scholastic success.

1. Organization- Lunchboxes, backpacks, homework, permission slips, etc. School requires a lot of stuff to be transported, stored, tracked, and retrieved. Students who do this better are often more successful in school. TLiM Habit-- Habit 3- Put First Things First: I am disciplined and organized.

2. Time Management- Backwards planning for projects, sufficient time for homework, and not waiting until Sunday night to start on that book review were all challenges for me in school and most likely for many of our Bees. TLiM Habit-- Habit 3- Put First Things First: I spend my time on things that are most important.

3. Prioritization- How to start and when to start can be a daunting task for students. TLiM Habit-- Habit 3- Put First Things First: I set priorities.

4. Concentration- Help the child create a distraction free zone for homework and other academic pursuits. TLiM Habit??

5. Motivation- Grit. Follow through. Task completion. Or lack thereof.

TLiM Habit-- Habit 1- Be Proactive: I do the right things without being asked, even when no one is looking.

I will continue to look for sources that support TLiM. Not just as a justification for the program for Sunshine, but to also to reassure us that the program will provide our students with what they need to be successful.

5 Key Skills