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The Advantages of buying our carts.

The cart's light-weight design could transport goods or possessions fast.

The cart's sturdy frame allowed for almost a thousand pounds of cargo.

The whole cart is cheap with no iron work required since its all made from wood.

An ox can pull the cart, but for speed you can have a horse pull it.

The high wheels made it easy to avoid tree stumps and stones.

The cart's designed made it easy to go through mud and made it hard for it to tip over.

The whole cart was made of wood, which made repairs on the go easy.

The cart could float in water making river crossings easy.

The Disadvantages of the carts.

The carts wheels maybe light-weight, but can break much more easily than if it were iron.

If the cart was full, the cargo can easily slip off if not tied down.

The wheels make piercing screeching sounds when moving.

The cart was hard to make.

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The Cart first appeared in the summer of 1801 at Fort Pembina, ND.

The inventor of the cart is unknown, but Alexander Henry wrote in his journal about the carts first appearance.

The design of the cart revolved around that iron work was expensive or unavailable in the West.

The cart was used by fur traders, farmers, and western settlers.

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The impact it had on North Dakota

The Red River Cart helped fur trappers and traders transport goods.

The cart made the fur trade business in North Dakota a great success.

The cart was also used in farming in North Dakota.

Why it was important to North Dakota.

Without the red river cart, North Dakota today would have a much lower population.

The red river cart kick started North Dakota as a farming state.

The fur trapping and trader also started the hunting business in North Dakota.


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