Women's rights movement

By Janett and Ashley


One of the women's rights was that they we're NOT allowed to vote (suffrage).Only men were allowed too,So that wasn't fair for the women .The women also have the freedom to choose for who to vote for.Like the Declaration of Independence it says,"ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL".Why not women also?.Once a women got married,the husband took over the income and property.Women were less than men for the same work.Higher paying jobs were not open to women also!

Two of the most important women:

Elizabeth candy Stanton and Lucretia Mott were other reformers that organized the Seneca falls convention in New York in 1848.convention passed the declaration of sentiments .it didn't allow men to withhold a women's rights,take here property,or refuse her the right to vote.
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EXTRAS:(but important)

  • Women were not allowed to serve on juries
  • Hold public office
  • Were expected to care for their home and children
  • Received little schooling
  • Almost no colleges were willing to accept women