Computer Hardware

What goes on inside a Computer?


The Motherboard connects everything so that the different parts of the computer can work together. It also contains the Graphics Card, the CPU, the Video Card, some of the wiring and the RAM chip.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

While the Motherboard is the nerves of the computer, the Central Processing Unit is the brain. It directs the other parts of the computer to carry out it's instructions so the computer can function.

Hard Drive

The Hard Drive is the long-term memory of the computer, all applications, programs and files are stored here.

Random Access Memory Chip (RAM)

The Random Access Memory Chip is the short-term memory of the computer. All applications, files and programs that are put into your desktop are also put into your RAM chip.


The Chipset directs the instructions sent by the Central Processing Unit and controls where they go.

Graphics Card

This translates the data from the CPU and turns it into thee display on the computer screen.