The Story of the Universe

The Big Bang, By: Fiona Good and Laura Webb

5,000,000,000 years ago

This is when the sun was ignited and our solar system began to take shape.

4,620,000,000 years ago

This is when molten Earth forms. 4,460,000,000 years ago, Thea collided with the Earth, creating the moon.
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3,740,000,000 years ago

Cells without nuclei were formed at this time. They are also know as prokaryotes, which are single celled bacteria.
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3,450,000,000 years ago

This is when marine photosynthesis began. The planet initially lacked oxygen, making it anoxic, but photosynthesis fixed that problem by creating oxygen. This paved the way for multi-celled organisms.
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850,000,000 years ago

This is when photosynthesis began on land.
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