Google Play vs. Apple Store

By: Alex Hassell


Apple: Apple Store focuses mostly on music and various player apps.

Google Play: Google focuses mainly on games and entertainment apps.

Price Points

Apple: Apple apps cost more than Google apps because developers know that Apple users are willing to buy their apps.

Google: Many of the apps are free but the ones that aren't are general below $10


Apple: Seems to have more room devoted to new apps and advertisements that what you actually want. (top picture)

Google: Seems to be more evenly spread out between options and doesn't always require a search. (bottom picture)


Apple: Access is rather easy, all you have to do is hit the store app on your Apple device. Then you can search for what you want in the search bar.

Google: Also very simple, once again all you nee is to tap the app on your device. Then you can search or see what's recommended for you based on past downloads.


Some apps just aren't available on the Google Play store that I would like to have. One of these is ITunes, this would allow me to take the music from my computer at home and put it on my tablet, but sadly I am unable to.

Who has more apps?

Apple: More that 4X the number of developers are on the Apple market than Android. This means that many more Apps will be there for users. Apple apps are generally have higher quality because more of them are paid for and give the developers motivation to make them better.

Google: Many less developers than the Apple store, there are a few cross platform developers, but not that many. So this means that Google has less apps and very few are shared between the two markets.

Approval Process

Apple: Since 2009 the approval process has been streamlined and also allows developers to track the process of their approval.

Google: Not much of a process, you just have to read a disclaimer and make sure your app checks out before uploading.