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Chapter 1- The Original State of Man

God created our first parents to share in his love and friendship. He gave them an endless amount of and knowledge to be participants in his divine life. Before the start of Original Sin, Adam and Eve had a loving relationship with God. After Eve's selfish act, taking an apple from the Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil when God specifically told her not to, they lost a handful of their gifts given to them. Those gifts include immunity from sickness, suffering, and death as well as freedom from disordered appetites and passions. God intended to have a wonderful relationship with them, with the rest of creation, and to find pleasure in every aspect of peoples lives.
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The Consequences of Original Sin

The consequences were immediate, they consisted of Adam and Eve losing their state of holiness and justice along with their friendship with God. They were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve not only harmed themselves but the whole world after. They introduced us to suffering and death. The ruined relationship between God and Adam and Eve hurt the human soul. Human intellect became unclear so people had a hard time judging between good and evil. Before the faults of Adam and Eve, people lived in purity with each other. Adam and Eve left their descendants in a world full with evil, and as a punishment it is our job to judge between good and evil.
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Chapter 3- The Word Became Flesh (four reasons)

The word Became Flesh for Expiation, Reconciliation, and Restoration

It is important to ask ourselves how important sin is. When you sin you will always offend someone. Just as in Original Sin, God was the offended party. Original Sin showed God an act of rejection to his love and goodness. Human beings could never repair the damage caused by Adam and Eve. The only sacrifice able to repair the rift with man and God is infinite value.

The Word Became Flesh to Manifest God's Love

When Adam and Eve sinned God did not give up on them but to come up with a plan for redemption. To show how much God loved people he became man. God showed his love for man so people would follow him out of love and not fear. God overcame the burden and suffering for the sins of all people.

The Word Became Flesh to Offer a Model of Holiness

The life and words of Christ can be a source of inspiration for every human. By the life of Christ we see how God gave each of us the potential to achieve greatness. Christian tradition developed two important methods of mental prayer: meditation and contemplation.

The Word Became Flesh to Allow a Share in Divine Life

Christ became man because he wanted to experience his own divine life. The Gospels call us to share in Gods divine life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Christ instituted the Seven Sacraments as the reason of receiving his sanctifying grace.