Mrs. Foulk's News


Important Dates:

April 24th- Mid Terms Go Home

May 1- CME Carnival 6:00-9:00 pm

May 1-6 MAP testing

May 7- Fine Arts Festival 6:30-8:00 pm

Fine Arts Festival

Please try to attend the "Fine Arts Festival" on May 7th. The students will be "showcasing" their writing from throughout the year in our classroom. You are going to be amazed at the brilliance these kids have.

Here is another sneak peak into their work...


Slavery is like

being burned and

your all alone

working and your

family gets separated

apart because you get

sold alone and no

one cares about



CME Testing Calendar for the MAP

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After School Activities

I would love to be able to watch these kids doing their "extra-curricular" activities. If you have a schedule of games or performance times, please send them my way so I can make copies. I will try to attend as much as my schedule will allow.

Power Groups

The students have been working together to review skills and concepts that we have been learning throughout the school year. In math this week we specifically looked at fractions on a number line and finding the area and perimeter of shapes.

In reading, we have specifically looked at the skills of finding the "theme" or "central message" of a text as well as finding the author's point of view.