Mrs. Nelson's First Grade News

March 14, 2016

In the Classroom

it's a great week in first grade! This week we are learning about the three states of matter- solid, liquid, and gas. This week will be full of fun learning and experiments! Thank you to those who signed up to send a donation item with your child. If you have not already sent the item, please send it by tomorrow, March 15th. Thank you for your help!

Here are some important things to know this week:

Kindergarten Screening is right around the corner! If you have a 5 year old or know anyone who will have a 5 year old by August 1st and lives in the Republic District, please help spread the word! Kindergarten Screening is not only a great way for the Kindergarten teachers to meet their new students, but its a great way for new Kindergartners to see the school! For an appointment, please call the school they will be attending. It's free and you can schedule daytime or evening appointments!

March 30- Sweeny

April 1- Price

April 5- McCulloch

April 6- Schofield

April 7- Lyon

The tooth truck is coming March 14-18th. If you would like to apply for your child to visit the tooth truck please contact Nurse Hanley at 417-732-3670 or

Yearbooks are a great way to look back at fond memories of the year! There are only a few more weeks until the deadline. You can order online at and follow the directions. It will ask you which school you want to order from and then take you to the correct school site. For any questions about the yearbook contact

Learning This Week

Word Work- This week's sight words are: boy, girl, house, two, car. This week's word pattern is -ar (car, jar, far, tar, etc.)

Reading- This week students will be identifying characters in the story, identifying how they change throughout the story, and identifying lessons they learn. By the end of first grade, students should be able to identify the characters, setting, and key details using words and pictures in a story.

Writing- This week students will write a how-to story. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, students will write how to catch a leprechaun! By the end of first grade, students should be able to write a how-to piece including an introduction, directions using time order words (first, next, then, last), and a conclusion.

Math- Students will explore telling time! This is always an exciting time for first grader! We will learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour. We will also learn the difference between a.m. and p.m. Talking with your child about this at home will support them greatly! By the end of first grade, students should be able to tell and write time to the hour and half hour using an analog and digital clock.

Science- This week students will learn the three states of matter- solid, liquid, and gas.


Last week's class attendance: 96.26%

Our attendance goal for Sweeny is 96% or higher attendance. In our classroom, we are trying to earn an attendance celebration. Every day that we have 100% attendance we earn a letter. When we spell "perfect attendance," we will celebrate! "If you're not at school, you're not learning!"
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Upcoming Events

March 14- Sweeny PTO Meeting

March 17- Run Club Begins (Return permission slips by March 4)

March 18- Spring Pictures and Third Quarter Grade Cards Go Home

Monday is always spirit day! Wear your black and orange!

Have a great week!