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Smack! Someone just spiked a volleyball and made the winning point. Volleyball is a fun entertaining sport, being one of the most popular team sports. William G. Morgan, a physical instructor, invented volleyball in 1895. Morgan’s goal was to invent a game for all ages that was not as physically taxing as basketball. When a basketball was too heavy for the sport, Morgan commissioned Spalding to make the first volleyball out of calf skin. The game was originally called Mintonette. The name changed to volly ball in 1869. Then in 1952, the name changed to a single word. Volleyball was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964. Over 990 million people play volleyball around the world. There are two kinds of forms of volleyball. Indoor volleyball is played on a court with a wooden or synthetic surface. Outdoor volleyball is played on sand or grass with 2, 3, 4, or 6 players. In one match, most volleyball players jump about 300 times. In 1917, the game was changed from 21 to 15 points. It became clear that tournaments and rules were needed in 1928, so the United States Volleyball Association was formed. The first U.S Open was open to non- YMCA squads. In scoring, the rally point system is used, approved by the FIVB in 1999. Volleyball is a fun active sport that is not as physically active as other sports, but one of the most popular sports in the world.

The Maze Runner

Are you into action? The Maze Runner is an action movie about Thomas, a teenager dumped in a mysterious place, called the glade. He arrives there after having his memory erased from his previous life, like all the other people that have been dumped there. Every month they dump another person there transported through an elevator. Thomas starts to fit in quite quickly and soon after is recognized for his ability to run fast, making him now one of the runners. The glade has a huge maze which opens at dawn and closes dusk. Everyday a group of the fastest distance runners go into the maze to try to find a way to escape. If you're not out in time you're stuck in there and most likely will not survive. There are these robot spider looking creatures called Grievers that roam around the maze mostly at night that will try to kill you. Thomas gets stung by one to try to get his memory back and finds out the way to escape is out the Grievers hole. I liked this movie because it was exciting and interesting, you never knew what was going to happen next. To find out if they make it out alive watch The Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner | Official Final Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX


My favorite app is Snapchat. Over the last few years, Snapchat has become buzzed and a controversial social media app. Teenagers love it while parents fear it. Hackers have fun with it, not having the smoothest journeys for it. Snapchat’s co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy first worked together while going to Stanford University on a website for students called Future Freshman in 2010. Snapchat was first called Picaboo, and was first launched in 2011. Snapchat uses the device’s camera to capture snaps and Wi-fi technology to send them. The app allows the user to type or draw a message on a picture you took, and choose how many seconds you can see it once the person who received it taps on it, having a choice from one to ten seconds. Messages can only be viewed once. There is an option to swipe over on the contact to just text a message without taking a picture, but even those texts do not save unless you tap and hold down on it. You can also put a picture of some on your story, having everyone that has added as a friend seeing it unless you’ve blocked them from seeing your story. Once you hit three days in a row of snapping with a person, you get a streak. If you don’t snap a person with a picture for over twenty- four hours you will lose your streak with them.

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Man Keeps Wife in a Pumpkin Shell

Peter Peterson was arrested for domestic violence for keeping his wife hostage in a pumpkin skin on Halloween night October 31, 1998, at 603 Ridgeway Drive. His wife wanted to leave, and he was not about to let her. Peter's been sentenced to prison for 50 years. Patoonia Peterson was found dead three months after the arrest of Peter. Ever since that night, it's never been the same in that neighborhood. Some say Patoonia comes back on Halloween night to haunt the little trick-or-treaters.