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College Newsletter - Term Four Week 9 - 8 December 2017


Dear Parents, Students and College Community,

This week the HASS Learning Area held their Year 8 Medieval Feast Day. It was great to see so many of the students engaged in the day and dressed as fair maidens, knights and monks to name a few of the many costumes reflecting the theme of the day. My thanks to Mrs Kylie Kingdon and the HASS staff for organising this event.

Earlier this week we held the College Annual Community Meeting. Congratulations to our 2018 College Board members Mrs Donna Johnson (Board Chairperson), Mr Damian Millar, Ms Sarah McDonald, Mr Brad Cuff, Mr Radu Nicola and Ms Mandy Henriques. Also, congratulations to our continuing P & F President Mrs Belinda Colpitts. My thanks to all the parents and staff who attended this important annual event.

The 2017 Academic Year has quickly come to the end. It has been an exciting year for the College and we are anticipating the availability of our new teaching facilities late Term Two next year. The new facilities will be an outstanding resource that many students will enjoy for many years to come. I thank our Business Manager, Mrs Sonja Matthes for taking on the role as Project Manager for this build.

We concluded the year with our Christmas Liturgy. The Liturgy followed the theme of the true meaning of Christmas and what our students see as the important aspects of Christmas. I thank Miss Gillian Lugton and Year 7 Frassati for organising and presenting the Liturgy.

I was impressed with the quantity and quality of food items that were donated for our Vinnies Christmas Appeal. The large donation will go to needy homes within our local community and will ensure that needy families will have a joyous Christmas. Added to this the staff have generously supported the Smith Family organisation with donations of Christmas gifts for families in need.

The College will continue to grow in numbers in 2018 and currently we are expecting sixty extra students at the commencement of the new academic year, including nearly 204, Year 7 students. It is really pleasing to know that so many new families are very keen to join our community and I look forward to the positive contribution that they and existing students will bring to Emmanuel in 2018.

As I mentioned earlier, next year we will welcome a number of new staff. Whilst some of these are to negate the increasing number of students at the College, some are because we are saying goodbye to staff who are leaving Emmanuel. We wish all our staff leaving well for their future times. A full list of staff leaving at the end of this year and commencing at the College in 2018 is below.

Finally, to the parents, staff and students of the College thank you for another great year. Next year promises to bring lots of excitement with many new initiatives for all community members.

I wish you all a very special and blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

God Bless,

Mr Leo Di Gregorio - Principal



Staff leaving at the end of 2017

  • Mr Joe Cordina
  • Mr Gary Bailey
  • Mr Jordan Tirli
  • Mrs Nicole Ryan
  • Mrs Catherine White
  • Mrs Claire Hall
  • Mr Alex Hall
  • Mr Martin Dickson
  • Miss Sarah Branley

New Staff Members joining us in 2018 are:

  • Mrs Teresa Cosgrove - Deputy Principal
  • Mrs Pauline Uys - Head of Maths
  • Ms Victoria Wilkinson - Counsellor
  • Mrs Stella John - English
  • Miss Jessica Milne - Enviro Bush Ranger
  • Mrs Hayley Parker - Dance
  • Mr Andrew Carruthers - Chemistry and/or Physics
  • Mr Mark Cornish - Chemistry and/or Physics
  • Ms Alli Watson - Design and/or Visual Arts
  • Miss Giorgia La Verghetta - Design and/or Visual Arts
  • Mr Brett Hill - Teacher – HPE
  • Miss Celina Hynes - Teacher – HPE
  • Miss Emma Kerrison - Sports Ready Trainee
  • Mr James Silver - Economics Teacher
  • Mr Basil Psanoudakis - Head of e-Learning
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Recently Americans celebrated Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November). They take this family-focused break just before Christmas so they can better prepare for the Saviour's Birth and the beginning of the New Year. A popular custom is for each of the family seated around the table, to express their thanks for special blessings they have received and for which they are thankful. As the school year draws to a close, perhaps we should take a deep breath and reflect on the blessings of the past year.

With final exams behind us, students are looking forward to the holidays and our graduates optimistically focussing on life's next adventure; our weary College staff looking for a little more of home life neglected during busy school terms....now is the time to give thanks!

I would like to go on record giving thanks for Sr Emmanuel. Many of you know her through Mater Christi Parish & School. She is retiring from Mater Christi Primary School after no less than 27 years of devoted service! Sister has been a beacon of faith and selfless service to several generations of young people. Everyone who knows her loves her. Fortunately she is not leaving the parish and the myriad of ways in which she enables and enhances parish life will, thanks be to God, continue.

Sister was my dearest friend and enduring support during the time I had the privilege of being Yangebup Parish Priest. For this I shall always be thankful.

Fr Bryan Rosling - College Chaplain


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Uniform Shop additional Opening Hours during the 2017/18 Christmas School Holidays:

  • Tuesday 23 January 8.00am to 2.00pm
  • Thursday 25 January 9.00am to 12.00pm & 1.30pm to 5.00pm
  • Monday 29 January 8.00am to 12.00pm
  • Tuesday 30 January 8.00am to 12.30pm & 1.30pm to 4.00pm
  • Wednesday 31 January 7.45am to 10.45am


College Calendar

  • 15 Dec - Last Day for staff
  • 14 Dec - 16 Jan 2018 - College closure
  • 17 Jan 2018 - College office reopens - 9.00am - 3.00pm
  • 31 Jan 2018 - Yr 7, 10 & 12 students commence
  • 1 Feb 2018 - All students commence Term 1

For our current College calendar go to: https://www.emmanuel.wa.edu.au/event


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The following information to assist families with planning for the 2018 academic year:

Pupil Free Days

2018 College Bell times are listed here (NB. Earlier start and finish times 8.30am – 3.05pm)

• 2018 Transperth Bus Information about services to Emmanuel Catholic College

• 2018 Emmanuel Private Bus Information for Emmanuel Catholic College

2018 College Calendar (now live on College website)

Students return to school for 2018 at the following times:

• Year 7: Wednesday 31 January (8.30am - 3.05pm)

• Year 10: Wednesday 31 January (9.00am - 12.00pm)

• Year 12: Wednesday 31 January (1.00pm - 6.30pm)

--- Followed by Year 12 Parent & Student information evening commencing at 6.30pm ---

• All Students: Thursday 1 February (8.30am - 3.05pm)

Mr Peter Sackett - Assistant Deputy Principal & Events



Year 8 student Genevieve Brink competed in the WA State Relay Championships last Saturday at the State Athletics Centre in Floreat. Genevieves' team won the 4 x 400m relay receiving a gold medal.

Genevieve has been training hard to participate in the relay at the The State Athletic Centre. Emmanuel would like to take the opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge her fantastic achievement. Emmanuel Catholic College is very proud of Genevieve and her team, we wish them well in future sporting pursuits.



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In the spirit of the College core values, staff and students finished the year with the giving nature of Christmas. Rather than focusing on what we receive for Christmas, we were all asked to think of the less fortunate within our local community. Staff and students have spent the last three weeks collecting food that was donated to the St Vincent de Paul Society, that works out of the Mater Christi Parish. These donations will go towards making Christmas hampers for people within the College area, so they can have food in this festive season. I wish to thank all the staff and students who donated so generously.

Miss Miranda Dempsey - Dean of Religious Education & Faith Formation



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This week the Year 9 Bushrangers ventured to Rottnest Island on our last camp for the year. We went to Thomson’s bay to learn about the erosion and rising sea levels, the desalination plant and then to the wind turbine that provides the energy for the Island. After lunch, we started the Island Challenge which involved us going to different areas to learn about the heritage, history and geography of Rottnest, filling out a quiz sheet which at the end of camp resulted in prizes. As the day progressed, it became more humid so we all cooled off at Thomson Bay before we went back to camp and prepared dinner and cleaned up with the help of Shelby the Quokka. After dinner we all went night fishing where all the boys pretended to catch fish but only one person actually caught a fish.

Tuesday morning, we rode to Settlement Station where we caught a heritage train up to the Oliver Hill gun emplacements. We went in inside the bunker where they stored the 9.2 gun shells. After lunch, we went to the Indigenous burial site and received a presentation from Miss Collard about the Indigenous men who were sent to the island as prisoners. From there we were back in the ocean, this time at an Aqua Park which was great fun to bounce on. We then went back to have dinner before we went to the Picture Hall to watch Daddy’s Home Two, which everyone found hilarious.

The last day whilst we were cleaning up, Jimmy the Peacock decided to come and chase some of the students, however, the peacock quickly ran away after Mr Cordina yelled ‘Yalla!’ After that encounter, we left to go to Holy Trinity Church where we had a short service. We ate lunch, had jam donuts, then said goodbye to Rottnest which left us with lasting memories and a need to sleep.

With great appreciation, we would like to thank all of the staff, for making this a memorable and an enjoyable Bush Ranger camp during our last week of school. Thanks to Mr Prigg, Mr Cordina, Miss Knight, Miss Jermy, Miss Mallon, Miss Deacon and Mr Hall.

Meghan Giles, Shannen Chaplin & Faye-Olivia Hadfield - Year 9 Bush Rangers


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The Year 8 Bush Rangers recently tackled the environmental management of introduced species - cats. On the 29 and 30 November, staff from the Cat Haven visited Emmanuel Catholic College. They educated the Year 8 Bushrangers on cats in the wildlife and the massive impact they have on our native animals and plants. This talk was aimed to educate the students on feral cats and how they are trying to contain and then prevent feral cats from over hunting and making our native animals extinct.

They were not only here to educate on feral cats but to inform us on the issue with stray cats and how they affect our ecosystem. They were very organised and were ready to give out lollies to those students who got question right to make it a fun and enjoyable learning environment. Towards the end they conducted a cat facts quiz to refresh our minds and to keep our attention towards the topic. Just before the end of the period, they had a little surprise for the students. They had brought in seven of their cutest kittens so that we could have a play with them. Whilst it was fun to play with the little kittens, we now understood the reasons why it was so important to make sure everyone played a role in preventing unwanted kittens.

Natalhia, Bronte & Victoria - Year 8 Bush Rangers


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Last Tuesday was the last session for the Enviro Club this year which has seen students from Emmanuel, Mater Christi and Hammond Park join together to grow their own food, look after the worm farms, run the aquaponics and learn more about waste and environmental management through a number of different organisations.

On the 14 November we had a special guest, Mr Lee Durrant brought in his adopted pet to teach and show Enviro Club what good cat ownership was about. The cat that Lee brought in had the name ‘Snaggletooth.’ Lee named his cat Snaggletooth for one reason...... he had one tooth sticking out! Snaggletooth had a nickname of Snags and loved being petted by all of the Enviro Club. Before we were able to pet Snags we got to watch a little presentation so we knew some more information about how to look after cats so they didn’t impact the environment as well as how to look after cats with special needs – like Snags. One thing that we all learned is that cats in general is that they can live up to 10-20 years which is very long lasting! We loved having Lee and Snags coming over to visit us! It was so much fun!

On the 28 November we got to have a lovely lady named Yvonne come to surprise us with some lovely birds for our last Enviro Club. Yvonne works for a company that looks after young/sick or endangered birds until she can free them off into the wilderness. We learned so many different types of birds like the Brown Falcon, Barn Owl, Southern Bookbook Owl and many more! Yvonne was introduced each of these birds to us and then got to hold them with a special tough glove that made the birds’ claws not dig into our skin. It was an amazing experience to get up close with these endangered species and to learn informative information about them!

Madison Loreto - Year 7 Student


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After a longer than usual wait, the Year Eights had their Medieval Feast Day on Thursday. As has been the case for many years, students had to design their own stalls based on medieval history which we have been looking at in class. Students dressed up in costumes and played games which included archery, donuts on a string, sword fighting and even throwing water balloons at the criminals in the stocks – by the way, thank you to the teachers who volunteered to be the criminals for the day!

The students also complete in the their kingdom (classes) in a number of different medieval activities. This tested their intellect, physical abilities, problem solving and team work to find who was the best kingdom of the year. The monarchs (teachers) were quite motivating to have bragging rights at the end of the day.

The last activity was a presentation by 'Circle of the Sword,' a group of performers who are training in medieval combat. They showed their skills with the different medieval weapons and staged fights between knights. Students were able to try on the full armour of the knights from different periods of medieval history – many couldn’t believe how heavy everything was.

I would like to thank all the staff involved in putting on a day like this as well as the students who made the day what it was. It was great to see the medieval history come alive.

Mrs Kylie Kingdon - Head of HaSS


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On 28 November, 135 Year 10 students made their way to Elizabeth Quay and took off for a three hour cruise along the Swan River. The students were perfectly behaved on the night and impressed the staff and crew with their politeness and dancing abilities. It was especially good to see some of the boys scrub up well and put some effort into their appearance!!

Thank you to the Student Representatives, who were able to organise their Forms and helped out with the invitations and pizza orders. Thank you also to the Form teachers, and all the other staff who attended on the night. It was a wonderful evening and all students should be commended on a brilliant end of the year.

Mr Michael Rathmann - Head of Year 10



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The Emmanuel Literature Magazine is produced to highlight the accomplishments of some of our students from across Years 7-12. The English and Literature students at our College work hard all year to produce work that is thought provoking and innovative. This year the edition showcases everything from Poetry to Reflective Essays. So please, sit down and spend a few moments entering into the creative worlds of our Emmanuel students. Please click the following link to the online magazine The ELM 2017


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Please note that students with any requirements or queries are to go to the Student Services counter, not front reception. Front reception is for parent queries only. Thank you for your support.

Services available:

• Student attendance

• Late arrivals or early collections

• Extended, planned or unplanned leave

• Messages for your students throughout the day

• Student ID letters

• Secure storage area for medication, e.g. Epipen’s and Diabetic supplies.

• All First Aid - Sickbay and Student room

• Updates and logging of Action Plans

• Changes to medication information for students

• Pastoral Care and information point for students

Please contact Student Services on:

Student Services direct telephone number - 9414 4051

Absentee email – absentee@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Student Services SMS number - 0418 605 675


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Emmanuel’s Online Ordering and Cashless Canteen

Our school has a new and convenient online ordering and cashless system for our College Canteen called FlexiSchools.

This system also utilises students current Transperth SmartRider cards for payment and purchases. You will need to link your child’s SmartRider card to your Flexischools account and nominate a payment option. Please note, cut off time for online orders is now 8.45am.


• Go to www.flexischools.com.au


Enter your email

You will be emailed a link to an online form - follow the link

Choose a username and password and complete the form

Add each student and their class

Top-up the account - VISA or MasterCard preferred

Please find the menu on the following link...


Mr Roger Spong - Canteen Manager



The enrolment process for Year 7 2019 students has now been completed. Any applications received from now on, including siblings, will be placed on a waiting list. Enrolments at Emmanuel Catholic College have become very competitive and it is important that students requiring a place in Year 7 2020 submit their Enrolment Applications this year.

The necessary reports required to accompany the application can be submitted at the end of the year once they are received. Interviews for Year 7 2020 commence at the beginning of 2018 and we envisage all places will be filled by the end of Semester 1 2018. Catholic students will be given preference as per our Enrolment Policy.

Applications can be downloaded from our website www.emmanuel.wa.edu.au For further information please contact our Registrar, Mrs Kelly Lister on 9414 4055 or enrolments@emmanuel.wa.edu.au



The College Online Payment system is now up and running.


Parents/Guardians please be advised a change to the Centralised BPAY Biller Service currently provided by Catholic Development Fund (CDF) will take effect from 1 January 2018 and the current BPAY Biller Code unique to your school fee account will no longer be valid. Your new BPAY Biller Code will be issued to you on the school fee statement at the commencement of 2018.


The current school fee statement was emailed to all families during the school term break and was payable by 20 October 2017. If you did not receive this email please contact the Finance office on 9414 4012. If you are on a scheduled payment arrangement with the College, it is timely for you to review and check your payments to ensure your account was finalised by 30 October 2017.

We thank all the families who are paying their school fees on time and advise that over the next few weeks the College will be contacting any family who has unpaid school fees to follow up payment of their account. Parents are reminded that any family who is not complying with College policy in regard to addressing outstanding school fees will be forwarded to our collection agency.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.



On enrolment of your child at Emmanuel Catholic College, it is a requirement that you grant or deny permission for your child's photographs to be used in College publications and on social media (ie College website, newspaper articles, College Facebook page and Digital signs).

If you do NOT want photographs of your child published online or submitted to the print media and you are not sure if you made this clear on your enrolment from, please notify the College's Marketing Officer Ms Gabrielle LeBeck on 08 9414 4096 or email lebeck.gabrielle@emmanuel.wa.edu.au immediately.

Parents are also reminded that the College does not authorise the publishing of photographs taken at College events, in which students other than your own child are included.

Permission of the other students' parents/guardian is required.



Uniform Shop Normal Trading Hours

Tuesday 7.45am - 1.00pm & Thursday 12.00pm - 5.00pm

For fittings please call 9414 4017 to book a time.

Uniform Booking forms for both girls and boys are also found on the College website Uniform Shop page.

Your Emmanuel Uniform Shop Team



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The Australian Bishops have identified the liturgical year of 2018 as the Year of Youth, being launched this weekend in all Parishes around Australia. The Year of Youth invites the Church into prayerful discernment about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in the local Church and society. It calls for dialogue and active engagement focused on the reconnection and renewal of a new generation of young people in the life of the Church.

The Year if Youth theme is ‘Open New Horizons for Spreading Joy’ and coincides with the Synod of Young People being held in Rome during 2018. The Year of Youth reminds us that young people must be at the centre of any renewal strategy for the Church. We must work in partnership with young people’s passion and energy to assist us to become more fully alive as the body of Christ. I would encourage all young people to contact their local Parish to connect with events and Masses being held though out the Archdiocese.




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Thursday 14 December 7pm

This Advent, “Let us love, not with words, but with deeds.” (1Jn 3:18). Why not make this line from Holy Scripture a reality by joining us on Thursday 14 December, 7pm at The Basilica of St Patrick, Fremantle for a captivating and beautiful evening of sacred music, readings and congregational carols to highlight the true meaning of the Christmas Gospel in our world today.

Emeritus Bishop Justin Bianchini will be giving the reflection. Music from Eva-Marie Middleton (soprano), Paul Wright (violin), Dominic Perissinotto (organ) and The Basilica Choir. Proceeds will go to Catholic Mission’s work in support of maternal and child health in Uganda. Tickets $30, Concessions $20, 12 year olds and under are free. Add another ticket to your booking for just $10 and we will give that ticket to a homeless or refugee person so they too can share in the beauty of Christmas with us and enjoy a nice supper beforehand. On-line bookings at www.trybooking.com/SWMO or pay at the door.


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We currently have vacancies for places in Years 2- 6 for 2018 and are welcoming Kindergarten applications for 2019.

Please contact the school office for more information at hpcps.admin@cewa.edu.au or book a tour via our school website www.hammondparkcps.wa.edu.au


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Mater Christi Parish - Yangebup

Liturgy Times

MONDAY: 9am Mass

TUESDAY: 9am Mass

WEDNESDAY: 8.15am Mass at Emmanuel Catholic College

5pm Eucharistic Hour & 6pm Mass

THURSDAY: 9am Mass

FRIDAY: 9am Mass

SATURDAY: 5pm Reconciliation & 6pm Mass

SUNDAY: 8am Mass, 10am Mass & 5pm Mass


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