Free Home Service of Blood Tests

HEALING Diagnostics

Just give us a call @ 750 600 500 7

We will arrange our well trained & well equipped technician at your doorstep at your convinience to collect the blood sample & we will also deliver reports at your doorstep. Our home service of blood collection & report delivery are absolutely free.

It's no coincidence that four of the six letters of "HEALTH" are "HEAL".

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Home Services

  1. Blood tests
  2. Diabetic tests
  3. Thyroid tests
  4. Urine tests
  5. Stool tests
  6. Health check ups
  7. Various health check up packages as per the needs for corporates, family & group

To know more about services, prices & health check up packages, please visit

Benefits of Home Service

  1. Economical & fast
  2. Blood collection & reports at doorstep
  3. No long wait & no long queue
  4. No travel, saves money
  5. Saves time & energy