Gambling Expansion in Illinois

by Caleb McGarvey

Why is gambling an issue?

Gambling is a problem that people encounter when they can't stop gambling once they have begun. When people gamble and continually lose their money, they think if they stop that they ended up as a failure. So they continually pour their income into something they are not good at. Sure it's great for the state for revenue, but it is viewed as morally wrong to abuse an addict. It gets so bad sometimes that people gamble their families into debt. But, I believe gambling can be done in a responsible and non addictive manner. Gamblers should not be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages while gambling and there should be a limit to how long you spend in a place of gambling.

Below I posted a link of effects of gambling. If people spot their addictions in their early stages, they can be stopped easily.

Gambling is also a problem in the sense of strict regulations and corruption. When major political leaders are on board with rich casino owners, some politicians break when offered money for political favors. Corruption is a huge problem not only in American government, but government around the world. It's crucial that corruption is cracked down on otherwise the government could fall apart.

Summary of Important Gambling Laws

  • A person commits gambling when he/she
  1. knowingly plays a game of chance for money or other things of value
  2. knowingly makes a wager on a game
  3. operates a gambling device or establishment
  4. owns a book that was used to keep records of gambling
  5. knowingly sets up gambling events and/or lotteries
  6. knowingly establishes an internet website that features gambling
  • A person is not gambling under these circumstances
  1. Offers a prize for the talent of another person
  2. Has gambling authorized by law
  3. Plays the game "bingo"
  4. Lotteries when conducted with the State of Illinois in accordance of the Illinois Lottery Law
  5. The purchase of lottery tickets through the Internet
  6. Raffles in accordance to the Raffle Act
  7. Any other assorted games in accordance with their respected Acts.
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Urging Gov. Pat Quinn to OK Illinois Gaming Bill, Rep. Lou Lang Says 90,000 Jobs at Stake

Quinn's long lasting stand against a gambling expansion

From when he first entered office, a pressing issue on Quinn's plate was a gambling expansion in Illinois. The people were pushing for casinos in major cities, mostly Chicago and permission to place slots in airports and horse racing stadiums. He continually veto'd any bill that had to do anything with gambling because of his fear of corruption accusations.

Rauner not a fan of gambling either

Bruce Rauner has stated multiple times that he is not a fan of expanding gambling in Illinois. He simply doesn't like the morals behind gambling. He has said though with the local support of communities, that he wouldn't stand in the way of expanding gambling in areas with high support.
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