Dan Synder

Owner of the Washington Redskins


  • Born November 23, 1964
  • He was born into a Jewish family.
  • Snyder and his sister made a company named Snyder Communications LP and it was a success.
  • He refuses to give up the name Redskins because he says: It is a badge of honor.


  • He is the owner of the Washington Redskins and investor to Red Zebra Broadcasting.
  • He is chairman of the board of Six Flags Inc. the biggest amusement park.
  • Owner of Jimmy Rockets chain.
  • He sold 35% of his team to pay off borrowed money


They've come out here , practiced hard, played hard, retained information. Were seeing progress everyday.


He is the coach of his team in Washington. He bought stadiums and is thinking of building a new one. He wont give up the name Redskins because it is a badge of honor and that the team is honoring the Redskins.