The Exploration of Matter

By Kate Udchitz

Big Question

How do we describe matter?

Standards Addressed

SC8.2.1 Students will identify and describe the particulate nature of matter including physical and chemical interactions.

SC8.2.1.a Compare and contrast elements, compounds, and mixtures.

SC8.2.1.b Describe physical and chemical properties of matter

SC8.2.1.c Recognize most substances can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas depending on temperature

SC8.2.1.d Compare and contrast solids, liquids, and gases based on properties of these states of matter

SC8.2.1.e Distinguish between physical and chemical changes (phase changes, dissolving, burning, rusting)


RoundTable Activities


Cooperative learning experiences

Independent thinking

Graphic Organizers

10 Most Important Words used to enhance vocabulary

Note Card Vocabulary Games

Many visual representations like Prezi & YouTube


Deeper explanations and understanding of matter will will enhance students view and knowledge of the world around them. Everything, from the clothes you're wearing to the air you breathe is made up of matter.


Cooperative learning, guided practice, independent practice positive interdependence, demonstrations, graphic organizers, text tagging, 10 most important words, anticipation guides, learner outputs, summative and formative assessments.