Joaquin Miller Elementary School

Final Staff Bulletin June 8, 2015

Congratulations Staff on a Successful School Year

As we wind down for the school year, and wrap up our last four days of school, let's stay focused on the kids.

We have some important tasks to complete before signing off for the Summer.

1. Report Cards

2. CUM Records updated with student photo, a copy of the report card, and the student section completed.

3. Clear bulletin boards.

4. Clean out student desks.

5. Clean out your area, refrigerator, microwave etc.

6. If you are not returning please check in your tech equipment and key.

7. Turn in any assessments.

8. Put up a map of your room and put it on your white board.

9. Unwanted materials, books, or furniture needs to be properly labeled for custodians and placed neatly outside of your door.

10. Have a fun, relaxing, and peaceful break!

Monday, is a full day. 9:00 AM Assembly to celebrate the 5th grade students. Please arrive on time.

Additionally, I would like to meet with all staff for a special 15 minute meeting. Please plan to stop by the library at 3:00 PM for an official announcement.

Tuesday - Thursday are minimum days.

Wednesday at 9:00 AM is our final assembly to hear our students perform with Matt Moorish.

Shout out to Helene and her year book Club for producing a terrific yearbook filled with great memories!

I would like to respectfully honor one of our own, Kathy Ulrich. Ms. Ulrich has decided to retire this school year. She has been a good friend and a fine thought partner with our staff these past years. All of the students who passed through her class, received a sound education, many collaborative learning opportunities, and acquired scholarly habits. I wish Ms. Ulrich all the best, as she begins a new chapter in life. We will miss you very much.


Paulette Smith