Alphabet Agencies

Mark S


When FDR came into office within his first 100 days he made a lot of change. For many of these changes to be organized a lot of new agencies where created.


Cause: When FDR came into office America was in the Great Depression. He said he was going to make a lot of change and to support his words with action he from day one started making large changes and improvements. In order to organize these new government programs many agencies where created with the help of the National Industrial Recovery Act.


-At least 100 agencies where creates

-a lot of the agencies had a focus on environmental conservation

-the agencies and programs from them provided many people with jobs.

-they where called Alphabet Agencies because of the acronyms used for the names, like CCC, CAA or FCC

Significance: These programs and the agencies who ran them had a massive positive effect on America. It did not get people out of depression. As much as make life easier and more enjoyable. Who knows what might have happened if the people of America had not had this positive boost, and instead had gotten a president that was just all talk. In addition, many of the agencies are still around today.