Touring Sapo National Park, Liberia

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Sapo National Park and its attractions and touring

To get to the wonderful tropical rainforest in Africa, first you will have to take a flight to the closest town which is Monrovia, Liberia. Once you arrive, stay in the luxurious hotel called 'The Cape' or stay in 'The Grand Hotel' which are rated 4.5 stars.

After you have checked this townhood out, take a boat ride down to Sapo National Park and enter the gates to West Aficas second largest rainforest. Now the fun begins.

First you would want to learn how to canoe from the most dedicated canoe riders in the world. Once you have learnt how to canoe, go down to Sinoe River which is the biggest river in the park. The river is fresh, flowy, clean, and very sparkly. It is also very fun to ride down. Every growing family likes water parks and rides, and Sapo National Park is the perfect place to have valuable family time.

When you are going down the river and streams, some things that you may encounter are western chimpanzees, African Golden Cats, White-breasted Guineafowls, White-necked Rockfowls, Speckle Throated Otters, monkeys, bee-eaters, kingfishers, sunbirds and much more.

Also, if you want a night spectacular, stay and see the rare Piygmy Hippopotomous and firebirds. Also watch the wonderful safe animals play around in the forest.

For another day time activity, try walking along the old-fashioned bridge that hangs across a cliff, to another cliff. It would be a great skill test and a trust test to whether you are brave enough for these types of things.

If you are looking for an unusual tradition, finding out about the tradition of making pigmy hippos teeth into necklaces, and making sure to bury the tail of it when it is dead for good luck.

Everyone likes picknicking and going on adventures. Sapo National Park has mountains to the north called the Putu mountains. They are the highest elevation in the whole park. The mountain is 2,100 ft at elevation.

Also, if you like sites and attractions, there are more water attractions, around the streams and rivers of the rainforest. Lots of waterfalls are included in this getaway to the rainforest, and are beauty to the eye. The waterfalls go into the Sinoe River, and other rivers around this area. The perfect words put into a sentence aren't strong enough to exclaim the wonder and sightseeing that this rainforest will bring to your life. In fact, it could and WILL change your life, because I will tell you now, the attractions, and undescribable and undiscovered landforms will surprise the life out of you.

To end your trip after seeing so much excitement, don't forget to take some photos of the splender and come back to the wonder and true happiest place on earth.

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